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We are committed to bridging the knowledge gap via informal mentorship designed to provide Knowledge, Inspiration, and Perspective (KIP), our coveted framework. Upon, lived experiences and documented publications, there is a lack of diversity when it comes to Mentoring, Sponsorship, and Coaching.


We have designed this platform to embrace differences, speak to non traditional pathways, and allows our audience to see themselves while fully embracing their identities through lived experiences of others, with similar backgrounds or lived experiences. Using our framework KIP (Knowledge, Inspiration, and Perspective), through the following channels: Cohort 1986 Podcast, Career Development Programs, Career Coaching, Events, and etc.

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Our Team.

Meet and Get to Know our COHORT 1986 Team Members.

Established in 2021, but a passion all of our lives. Our Why? Our Goal? We have been called to serve the community and help bridge the knowledge gap. "Our work starts where others leave off" ~ Candace Richardson

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